Rabu, 10 Agustus 2016

Full Koleksi Foto Seksi Amanda McCoy Model Cantik

Cebuana/Fil-Am hottie Amanda McCoy brings her hotness to the pages of FHM as its May 2015 Girlfriend. Amanda really has the curves as well as the sexy cleavage which will make any guy drool. Check out the rest of he photos courtesy of Aaron Ebio for FHM after the cut.

Amanda McCoy 04
Amanda McCoy 03
What do this Cebuana and Cebu’s mouth-watering lechon have in common? Walang tapon. That’s right. Her delicate skin leaves us drooling. Her delicious proportions leave us craving for more, Luckily, This homegrown babe gives us more than just a taste in this spread. We hope you guys brought the beers because Amanda has definitely provided us a heck of a pulutan.
You have a very foreign-sounding name. What ethnicity are you? My Mother is a Cebuana and my father is American-Irish so I’m a mix of them both! Have you ever visited your father’s homeland? I was born there in Tennesse, but ever since I could remember I’ve been living in Cebu. I grew up there. What’s the best thing about growing up in Cebu? Definitely the beach, I could just go to the beach anytime I wanted and that was really nice. The best days of my life so far have been on the beaches of Cebu.
What’s your favorite Cebuano food? Lechon all the way! With all that Lechon, how do you keep in shape? I don’t workout so I guess it’s in the genes. Ha ha! What age did you start modeling? When I was just 14 years old. Wow, that was a long time ago. Ha ha! I’m 20 now. Did your family or friends have any fears about you modeling? Not really. Thankfully, they are very supportive of my career. Do you have plans to move out of Cebu? Yes, I’m actually leaving for the U.S. this summer. Hopefully I find a job there.
We’re sure you will. Do you have any cute Cebuana sisters you can introduce to us? I have four brothers; I’m the only girl. Ha ha! I’m their princess. Wow, so your brothers must be protective of you. Do your brothers give your suitors a hard time? No, not really. They’re really nice.
What about a protective boyfriend? Is there one right now? Yes. He’s from Negros Oriental but he works in Cebu. Sayang! So can we expect more modeling from you? How about visiting us here in Manila? Please say yes… I’m focusing more on doing more photo shoots right now so you can probably expect to see me in magazines… hopefully! Ha ha. Could you maybe give us a tour next time we drop by Cebu? Sure, I would love to.
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